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Keith Samolyk, CPP

Keith Samolyk first started working in Perfusion in 1989 at Johns Hopkins and has worked in the Mid-Atlantic and New England and he is still very involved with the field in many ways. He is currently the Liaison to the Blood Management Medical Community of SABM and its Networks for AMSECT as well is the AABB Liaison for Perfusionist from AmSECT.  He is a Director for the International Board of Blood Management (IBBM) and a Certified PBMS (Patient Blood Management Specialist), He was on the Steering Committee for “NABM” New Advances in Blood Management organizing Perfusion meetings in Jackson Hole and Kansas City for ten years. He is a Past Chair of the SABM Perfusion Blood Education Committee, was on the Guideline writing committee ICEBP International Board of Evidence Based Best Practices. Has authored peer reviewed publications and guidelines. He has Developed, Patented, and brought to market an innovative Blood Salvaging Device and Method for Saving Autologous Whole Blood in Surgery with sales in the USA, Canada and Globally Abroad. He has received the AABB’s highest award the Dale E. Smith Award for Innovation Pioneer in Blood Conservation from the National Blood foundation. Currently he serve full time as the President and CEO of “Global Blood Resources” and is chairman of the Board.