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Mike Brown, CCP

Micheal Ray Brown, CCP, LP, is a graduate of The Texas Heart School of Perfusion Technology. He has been a perfusionist for
38 years in and around the city of Houston, Texas. Over his career, Mike has done approximately 5500 adult and pediatric open
heart surgeries, hundreds of hours of adult, pediatric and neonatal ECMOs and IABP monitoring, scores of RVAD and LVAD
initiations and bypasses. and thousands of ATS cases at various hospitals in the United States.
Mike served as a clinical instructer at The Texas Heart Institute for 11 months after graduating from the Class of 1982. In November
of 1983 he joined Houston Life Support providing perfusion services in the Houston area, and worked for 31 years in that company
that later joined SETA, Baxters Perfusion Services, Fresenius, Hospital Clinical Services Group and Specialty Care. For the past 6
years he has worked with HET as a clinical perfusionist.
Mike was instrumental in the development of the CPS system for temporary cardiopulmonary bypass, and placed the first patient
on that device in the county. He also was involved with The Medicins Company to perform clinical trials and protocols concerning
the drug Angiomax. He provided relief services to 12 hospitals in the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as two week perfusion medical mission in Perm Russia. Mike also serves as faculty for the HET Perfweb Webinar series.
When there is down time, Mike likes to spend his time with family, traveling and hunting.