Blood Transfusions Review and little known facts. Benefits of blood transfusions
Blood Transfusions Review and little known facts. Benefits of blood transfusions

Blood Transfusions Review and little known facts. Benefits of blood transfusions

  • Faculty: John Ingram, CCP
  • Date: May 14th, 2020 10:00 am
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Course description

Joe Basha, CCP and John Ingram, CCP lecture and discuss the risks and benefits of blood transfusions and also explore and discuss the blood banking industry. 

0:00 Blood Transfusions Review 
2:31 Introduction - Red Blood Cells Transfusions 
5:24 Incidence of Blood Transfusion Reaction 

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical science, the topic of blood transfusions remains both vital and enigmatic. Our latest video dives deep into the intricacies of blood transfusions, offering a comprehensive overview that merges scientific accuracy with easy-to-understand explanations.

Key Points Covered:
Immediate Transfusion Reactions**: Learn about the physiological responses that can occur shortly after a transfusion, such as allergic reactions and fever.
Delayed Transfusion Reactions**: Understand the latent effects that can manifest days or even weeks after the transfusion procedure.
Massive Transfusions**: Explore the unique challenges and reactions associated with large volume transfusions, including citrate toxicity and hyperkalemia.
Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI)**: Gain insights into this leading cause of transfusion-related deaths.
Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO)**: Discover why this is a key concern, especially for specific patient populations like infants.
Safety Protocols**: Uncover the systems in place to minimize errors and enhance patient safety during blood transfusions.

The video begins by unraveling immediate transfusion reactions, detailing the physiological responses one might experience shortly after a transfusion. It then transitions into the realm of delayed transfusion reactions, which can manifest days or even weeks after the procedure. These are conditions not often discussed but are crucial for both healthcare providers and patients to understand.

For those intrigued by the specifics, the video includes a segment on massive transfusions. This part is particularly insightful as it sheds light on unique reactions and challenges associated with large volume transfusions, such as citrate toxicity and hyperkalemia.

What sets this video apart are the "Fun Facts" interspersed throughout the discussion. These tidbits not only provide additional layers of information but also make the complex subject matter more engaging. Whether it's a little-known statistic about Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) or nuances in the transfusion protocol for infants, these facts aim to enrich your understanding in unexpected ways.

But that's not all. The video also addresses some pressing questions and gaps in our collective knowledge about blood transfusions. From the leading causes of transfusion-related deaths to the systemic checks and balances in place to prevent errors, this segment is an eye-opener.

In summary, this video serves as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the science and practice of blood transfusions. Whether you're a healthcare provider, a patient, or simply someone interested in medical science, this comprehensive guide has something for everyone.


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John Ingram, CCP

John Ingram, CCP

John Ingram is a magna cum laude graduate from University of Texas, Texas Heart Institute and a board certified perfusionist currently specializing in adult perfusion

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