Controversies in perfusion and cardiac surgery are common place. This program explores the controversial topic of transfusion and lowest acceptable hematocrit on pump.
The panel also discusses ultrafiltration, flow rates and RAPP. 
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0:00 Controversies in perfusion - Guidelines for Blood Transfusions World Health Organisation (WHO)  
2:43 Del Nido Cardioplegia Cardiac surgery procedures usually involve the use of cardiopulmonary bypass and cardiac arrest. In consequence, myocardial protection is essential. Inadequate protection may cause myocardial stunning, cell apoptosis and infarction. The search for an ideal cardioplegic solution has continued since the very beginning of cardiac surgery. 
Plenty of solutions are available, both commercial and self-made. Yet, there are no guidelines referring to use of a specific solution, and the literature does not clearly confirm the superiority of one over another. 
3:00 Discussion Panel - Controversies in Perfusion, Blood Transfusions 
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