Disasters  Your family or your patients - Perfusion Education
Disasters Your family or your patients - Perfusion Education

Disasters Your family or your patients - Perfusion Education

  • Faculty: Program director Joseph Basha, CCP; Tammy Sparacino, CCP
  • Date: April 19th, 2020 9:00 am
  • CEU’s: 0.62 CEUs
  • Price: $9.3
  • Category 1 SDCE CEU
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Course description

Joe and Tammy have a lively discussion on the conflict that exists between the healthcare professionals oath to our patients and our families during a natural disaster or national crisis. 

Navigating Disaster Response: Ethical, Legal, and Moral Obligations for Perfusionists

Course Description:

"Navigating Disaster Response" is an essential video course designed for perfusionists aiming to enhance their understanding of their critical roles during disasters. This detailed course explores the broad spectrum of responsibilities—ethical, legal, and moral—that perfusionists face when emergencies arise. It equips participants with the knowledge to ensure comprehensive patient care while balancing personal safety and family commitments under crisis conditions.

Key Learning Points:

  1. Types of Disasters and Perfusionist Preparedness: Gain an in-depth understanding of various disasters including natural, technological, and human-made crises, and the specific preparations necessary for perfusionists.

  2. Ethical Obligations: Learn about the ethical guidelines set by professional organizations that guide perfusionists during emergencies, with discussions on navigating complex ethical dilemmas.

  3. Legal Responsibilities: Delve into the legal frameworks that impact medical practice in disaster scenarios, including the consequences of non-compliance and protections available to healthcare workers.

  4. Moral Duties: Reflect on personal moral obligations to patients and the community, and explore case studies where moral decisions significantly impacted outcomes.

  5. Professional Preparedness and Response: Examine the absence of specific disaster response guidelines for perfusionists and the critical need for proactive disaster planning at the professional and institutional levels.

  6. Case Studies: Analyze detailed examples such as the response to Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey, focusing on the challenges and logistical issues faced by healthcare professionals.

Course Format:

Delivered through high-quality video lectures, this course integrates expert discussions with comprehensive presentations on the responsibilities and challenges faced by perfusionists in disaster situations.

Target Audience:

This course is meticulously crafted for perfusionists at all career stages interested in advancing their knowledge and capabilities in disaster response. Healthcare administrators and emergency preparedness personnel will also find valuable insights to aid in strategic planning and execution of disaster response protocols.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will complete the course with a robust ability to:

  • Identify and execute their roles during various disaster scenarios.
  • Apply ethical, legal, and moral principles to make informed and decisive actions under pressure.
  • Develop and advocate for comprehensive disaster preparedness plans within their practices and institutions.

Enroll in 'Navigating Disaster Response' today to ensure you are prepared to handle the complexities of emergency scenarios effectively. This course empowers you with the critical knowledge and skills needed to protect your patients and yourself during the most challenging times.

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Meet Your Instructor

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Joseph has been a practicing clinical perfusionist for 40 years. Joseph is the CEO of Houston Extracorporeal Technologies and is the program director of The New Orleans Conference

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Tammy Sparacino, CCP

Tammy Sparacino, CCP

Tammy graduated from Texas Heart Institute and had been practicing for nearly 17 years in the Houston and surrounding areas

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