ECMO cannulation. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - Dr. Hany Samir
ECMO cannulation. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - Dr. Hany Samir

ECMO cannulation. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - Dr. Hany Samir

  • Faculty: Hany Samir, MD, FCCP
  • Date: August 5th, 2019 9:00 am
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Course description

Dr. Hany Samir and a panel of experienced perfusionists describe and discuss ECMO cannulation strategies for ARDS, Cardiac Failure or full CardioPulmonary support. 

The panel provides case studies and explores exotic cannulation strategies for patients requiring greater than usual support. 
The faculty/panel discuss and show examples of single and double cannulation techniques for VV ECMO. 

Advanced ECMO Cannulation Techniques: A Guide for Perfusionists

The management and selection of cannulation techniques in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) are pivotal for optimizing patient outcomes. This video presentation, featuring insights from Dr. Hany Samir, delves into advanced strategies for ECMO cannulation, focusing on decision-making algorithms that help determine the appropriate ECMO modality—veno-venous (VV) or veno-arterial (VA)—based on specific patient conditions.

Introduction to ECMO Cannulation

The video begins with a comprehensive overview of ECMO cannulation, explaining the critical roles of different cannulation approaches. Dr. Samir introduces a structured algorithm for choosing between VV and VA ECMO, providing a foundation for the subsequent discussion on specific patient case studies that illustrate the application of these principles.

Case Study Analysis

A detailed examination of a complex case involving a pregnant patient with severe preeclampsia and cardiac issues demonstrates the practical challenges and considerations in ECMO cannulation. The patient’s scenario underscores the importance of selecting the right ECMO mode (VV vs. VA) based on cardiac function and respiratory needs, which is critical for ensuring both maternal and fetal safety.

Decision-Making Algorithm

Dr. Samir discusses the use of a specific algorithm that aids in deciding the ECMO modality. This algorithm considers factors such as cardiogenic shock and refractory hypoxemia. The presentation walks through the algorithm’s pathway, showing how it applies to real-world clinical decisions, making it an essential tool for perfusionists.

Technical Insights on Cannulation

The video provides in-depth technical insights into the cannulation process, including the placement of cannulas and the management of potential complications such as clot formation and recirculation issues. Techniques such as double cannulation and the use of specific cannula types like Crescent and Avalon are discussed, highlighting their advantages in reducing recirculation and improving patient outcomes.

Expert Opinions and Recommendations

Featuring discussions with other experts in the field, the video encapsulates a range of opinions and recommendations on ECMO cannulation. These insights help perfusionists understand the variability in clinical practices and the reasoning behind different cannulation strategies.

Future Directions in ECMO Cannulation

The conclusion of the video looks at emerging trends and future directions in ECMO cannulation, including the development of new technologies and techniques that could further refine the process. The potential for personalized cannulation strategies based on individual patient anatomy and condition is also discussed.

Additional Perspectives

The video also touches on the ethical and procedural considerations in ECMO cannulation, exploring how these affect clinical decisions. It discusses the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, involving surgeons, anesthesiologists, and perfusionists to ensure optimal patient management.


This presentation serves as a comprehensive guide for perfusionists, detailing advanced ECMO cannulation techniques and decision-making processes. It enhances understanding, skills, and knowledge, ensuring that perfusionists are well-equipped to face

the complexities of ECMO cannulation in diverse clinical scenarios. It not only prepares them with the practical skills needed but also deepens their understanding of the theoretical underpinnings that are essential for making informed decisions in critical care environments.

Enhancing Clinical Practice through Education

The video emphasizes the importance of continuous education and training in the field of ECMO cannulation. It advocates for workshops, simulation training, and ongoing professional development to keep perfusionists at the forefront of technological and procedural advancements.

Integrating Advanced Monitoring Techniques

It further explores how integrating advanced monitoring techniques can aid in the precise placement of cannulas and the early detection of potential complications. The use of ultrasound and other imaging technologies during cannulation processes is discussed, illustrating how these tools can provide real-time feedback and enhance the safety and effectiveness of ECMO therapy.

Addressing Complications

The discussion extends to strategies for addressing common and uncommon complications associated with ECMO cannulation. It covers troubleshooting techniques for issues such as cannula displacement, vascular injury, and hemodynamic instability, providing viewers with solutions to enhance patient outcomes.

Q&A Session

Finally, the video includes a Q&A session where Dr. Samir answers specific questions from the audience, addressing common concerns and providing clarifications on complex topics. This interactive component ensures that viewers not only receive information but also have the opportunity to engage directly with expert content, enhancing their learning experience.


This comprehensive review serves as an essential resource for perfusionists and other cardiac care professionals, providing them with a detailed understanding of the current state and future potential of ECMO cannulation techniques. By emphasizing the importance of accuracy, ongoing education, and interdisciplinary collaboration, the presentation aims to advance the practice of ECMO cannulation and improve patient outcomes in cardiac surgery settings.

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Hany Samir, MD, FCCP

Hany Samir, MD, FCCP

Dr. Hany Samir is the founder and CEO of HS Consulting for Telehealth, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology and Critical Care with Weill Cornell Medical College at the DeBakey Heart

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