Joe Basha, CCP and John Ingram, CCP talk about anticoagulation strategies for ECMO patients. 
Joe and John discuss SCCM guidelines and their own experiences with different anticoagulation protocols. 
#ECMO #perfusion #CriticalCare 
0:00 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) anticoagulation / Adequacy of Anticoagulation During ECMO 
 0:36 ECMO : Delicate Balance 
1:35 Indications for VA ECMO 
 2:23 Indications for VV ECMO 
3:00 ELSO January 2020 Statistics 
4:16 ECMO and Hemostasis 
5:23 ECMO and Coagulation 
7:19 ECMO Time and Hypercoagulation 
8:28 ECMO and Anticoagulation / Heparin 
10:08 ECMO Antithrombin 3 
13:42 Anticoagulation During ECMO How to Measure It 
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