Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) patient selection
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) patient selection

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) patient selection

  • Faculty: Hany Samir, MD, FCCP
  • Date: September 5th, 2019 1:00 pm
  • CEU’s: 1.24 CEUs
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Course description

ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) patient selection is a complex and often difficult decision for any healthcare provider that orders or decides on the appropriateness of ECMO therapy for their patients. 

Learn the absolute inclusion and exclusion criteria, but also learn from the discussions about the relative indications and contraindications form a group of ECMO leaders and experts. 

Effective ECMO Patient Selection: A Perfusionist's Guide

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) represents a critical intervention in life-threatening cardiac and respiratory conditions where conventional therapies fail. This video provides an exhaustive guide tailored for perfusionists on the nuanced process of patient selection for ECMO, discussing both veno-venous (VV) and veno-arterial (VA) configurations.

Introduction to ECMO

The lecture begins with a foundational overview of ECMO, explaining its primary configurations: VV ECMO for patients primarily suffering from respiratory failures and VA ECMO for those experiencing both respiratory and cardiac deficiencies. This section ensures that even those new to the perfusion field can grasp the basic principles before diving into complex patient selection criteria.

Controversies in Patient Selection

Patient selection for ECMO is fraught with clinical and ethical challenges, which this video addresses through detailed discussion and real-world scenarios. These include assessing the patient's overall health status, the likelihood of recovery, and the ethical implications of initiating ECMO in borderline cases. This part of the presentation is particularly useful for perfusionists who face these tough decisions in their practice.

Detailed Case Studies

To bring theory into practice, the video examines several case studies that highlight different outcomes based on the ECMO type used. One case involves a pregnant woman with severe ARDS and ensuing cardiomyopathy, where ECMO played a pivotal role in both delivering the baby safely and recovering the mother's cardiac function. These cases help perfusionists understand the practical implications of their roles and the impact of their decisions on patient outcomes.

Ethical Considerations

This segment delves deep into the ethical dilemmas associated with ECMO, such as the decision-making process regarding when to initiate or withhold ECMO, considerations of patient quality of life post-treatment, and the management of limited resources. It emphasizes the importance of having an exit strategy before starting ECMO, a critical takeaway for perfusionists managing these complex systems.

Advanced ECMO Modalities

The discussion extends into the latest advancements in ECMO technology, including new pump designs and circuit materials that improve patient safety and treatment efficacy. It also covers the role of cutting-edge research in shaping the future of ECMO therapy, ensuring that perfusionists are informed of the latest developments that could impact their practice.

Training and Certification

The video details the pathways for perfusionists to gain specialized training in ECMO, including certification programs and workshops. It highlights the importance of continuous education in the rapidly evolving field of ECMO, ensuring that practitioners maintain a high standard of care.

Challenges in Long-term ECMO Support

Addressing the complexities of long-term ECMO support, this section discusses the management strategies for prolonged cases, including the monitoring of potential complications and the psychosocial care of patients and their families. This knowledge is crucial for perfusionists involved in the extended care of ECMO patients.

Global Perspectives on ECMO

By exploring ECMO's application in various international contexts, the video provides a broader perspective on how different health systems approach ECMO patient selection and management. This global view helps perfusionists appreciate the diversity of clinical practices and encourages the adoption of best practices worldwide.


Concluding, this video is an invaluable resource for perfusionists at any stage of their career, offering advanced insights into the ECMO patient selection process that combine technical knowledge with ethical considerations. It not only enhances the viewer's understanding of ECMO but also empowers them with the knowledge to make informed decisions in critical care environments.

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Hany Samir, MD, FCCP

Hany Samir, MD, FCCP

Dr. Hany Samir is the founder and CEO of HS Consulting for Telehealth, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology and Critical Care with Weill Cornell Medical College at the DeBakey Heart

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