PerfWeb 57 - Day 3 | April, 2021 
First ever multi-studio, multi-day, interdisciplinary virtual educational event. 
0845-0900 Open 
0900-0930 Anticoagulation free ECMO: Does this improve outcomes? J. Ingram, CCP 
0930-1000 CRRT: How is it used, is it beneficial, can benefit be measured? M. Mettauer, MD 
1000-1100 Ultrafiltration for volume management on CPB J. Basha, CCP 
1100-1200 Perfusion accidents P. O'Toole, CCP 
1200-1300 Break 
1300-1400 The ethics of healthcare A. Guercio, CCP 
1400-1430 Communication with family members of a dying patient P. Balan, MD 
1430-1500 My experience with a dying ECMO patient and a grieving family: A nurse’s story S. Jones, RN 
1500-1530 My experience with a dying ECMO patient and a wedding: A perfusionist's story T. Sparacino, CCP 
1530-1600 When the family won’t say stop and the patient is clearly deceased: What is the law and what is ethical? P. Balan, MD 
1600-1630 Panel Discussion Panel 
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