PerfWeb 57 - Day 4 | April, 2021 
First ever multi-studio, multi-day, interdisciplinary virtual educational event. 
0800-0845 Advanced review of ventilator settings for ARDS: Optimizing native lung contribution with minimal ventilator M. Tran, CCP 
0845-0915 What is permissive hypercapnia? S. Pulimamidi, MD 
0915-0945 Measuring recirculation and clot burden in your ECMO circuit J. Basha, CCP 
0945-1015 When should an ECMO circuit be changed and how? T. Sparicino, CCP 
1015-1030 Break 
1030-1100 How has ECMO changed post COVID-19? G. Ford, CCP 
1100-1130 Predicting survival of the ECMO patient and ECMO candidate selection T. Sparicino, CCP 
1130-1200 Understanding the effects of native circulation and recirculation on the effectiveness of ECMO J. Basha, CCP 
1200-1300 Use of Polypropylene fiber oxygenators for ECMO support J. Basha, CCP 
1300-1330 Evaluating ECMO platforms and circuits: Cost, ease of use, effectiveness, and safety M. Warhoover, CCP 
1330-1345 Break 
1345-1415 Alarm desensitization S. Jones, RN 
1415-1445 Update on the vaccine for COVID-19; Has it worked? A. Lumsden, MD 
1445-1515 Update on Heater/Coolers and NTM J. Basha, CCP 
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