PerfWeb 77 — Day 2 - John Ingram Knowledge Nuggets: Understanding Oxygen Free Radicals
PerfWeb 77 — Day 2 - John Ingram Knowledge Nuggets: Understanding Oxygen Free Radicals

PerfWeb 77 — Day 2 - John Ingram Knowledge Nuggets: Understanding Oxygen Free Radicals

  • Faculty: John Ingram, CCP
  • Date: March 9th, 2022 3:00 pm
  • CEU’s: 1.2 CEUs
  • Price: $18
  • Category 3 CEU
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Course description

PerfWeb 77 — Day 2 - John Ingram Knowledge Nuggets: Understanding Oxygen Free Radicals
 John will lecture on oxygen free radicals: What they are, how they effect organs and how they can be modulated.

PerfWeb 77 - Day 2: John Ingram's Knowledge Nuggets on Oxygen Free Radicals for Perfusionists"

Meta description: "Explore PerfWeb 77 - Day 2, a detailed video course by John Ingram for perfusionists. Deepen your understanding of Oxygen Free Radicals, their impact on organs, and modulation techniques.


Welcome to PerfWeb 77 - Day 2, a thoughtfully curated video course that dives into the fascinating world of Oxygen Free Radicals, explicitly designed for the growing community of professional perfusionists. This course is hosted by none other than the renowned expert in the field, John Ingram, who is ready to share his invaluable "Knowledge Nuggets" to enhance your understanding and skills in critical care.

In this comprehensive course, John will illuminate the complex concept of Oxygen Free Radicals—tiny, highly reactive molecules that play a significant yet often misunderstood role in biological systems. He will guide you through what these radicals are, explaining their formation and properties in a clear, digestible manner. He will emphasize how these often maligned entities are not just harmful but also play crucial roles in cellular signaling and immune responses.

Moving forward, the course elaborates on the potentially devastating effects of Oxygen Free Radicals on various organs when their balance in the body is disturbed. John will explore how these radicals, under certain circumstances, can lead to cell and tissue damage, contributing to a range of pathologies like inflammation, aging, and various diseases. He will discuss the critical balance between free radical production and the body's antioxidant defenses—a topic of immense importance for perfusion professionals.

Finally, John Ingram will delve into practical techniques for modulating Oxygen Free Radicals. You will learn about strategies to combat excessive free radicals, including the role of antioxidants and other lifestyle modifications. This valuable knowledge will equip you with tools to improve patient care and outcomes in the realm of perfusion and critical care.

PerfWeb 77 - Day 2 is more than just a lecture; it's an interactive learning experience that invites questions, fosters discussion, and encourages active learning. The course comes with numerous real-world examples, providing a practical context that enhances the learning experience and helps you apply your newly acquired knowledge in your professional practice.

John Ingram's Knowledge Nuggets on Oxygen Free Radicals offer an invaluable educational resource for any perfusionist looking to expand their understanding and improve their skills. With its focus on Oxygen Free Radicals, this course is set to elevate your knowledge base, empowering you to contribute more significantly to the field of perfusion and critical care.

Take the next step in your professional journey with PerfWeb 77 - Day 2 and expand your horizons under the guidance of industry expert John Ingram. This in-depth, specialized video course offers an enriching learning platform that boosts your professional capabilities, making you a more proficient, knowledgeable, and confident perfusionist. Embrace the opportunity today! #perfusionist #perfusion #criticalcare

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Meet Your Instructor

John Ingram, CCP

John Ingram, CCP

John Ingram is a magna cum laude graduate from University of Texas, Texas Heart Institute and a board certified perfusionist currently specializing in adult perfusion

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