PerfWeb 80 - Fireside Chat: Disparities in ECMO outcomes — Day 3
PerfWeb 80 - Fireside Chat: Disparities in ECMO outcomes — Day 3

PerfWeb 80 - Fireside Chat: Disparities in ECMO outcomes — Day 3

  • Faculty: Program director Joseph Basha, CCP; Tammy Sparacino, CCP
  • Date: May 26th, 2022 3:00 pm
  • CEU’s: 1.2 CEUs
  • Price: $18
  • Category 3 CEU
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Course description

Joe Basha, CCP and the PerfWeb team have a fireside chat: Fireside Chat: Disparities in ECMO outcomes 

PerfWeb 80 - Fireside Chat: Disparities in ECMO Outcomes — Day 3

PerfWeb 80 presents an insightful Fireside Chat on Day 3, featuring distinguished perfusionists Joe Basha, CCP, and Tammy Sparacino, CCP. Join us for a compelling conversation as they address the critical topic of "Disparities in ECMO Outcomes."

In this thought-provoking video, Joe Basha and Tammy Sparacino engage in an in-depth discussion on the challenges and nuances surrounding Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) treatment. Gain valuable insights into the factors contributing to disparities in ECMO outcomes, and discover the latest research and approaches aimed at reducing these disparities in critical healthcare scenarios.

PerfWeb 80 is your go-to platform for staying up-to-date with cutting-edge information in the field of perfusion. As a dedicated resource for perfusionists, healthcare professionals, and medical enthusiasts, we strive to bring you thought-provoking discussions and expert perspectives on topics like ECMO, perfusion, and more.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to join the Fireside Chat and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding ECMO outcomes. Stay informed and engaged by subscribing to PerfWeb 80 and be part of the ongoing conversation to improve healthcare for all.

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Meet Your Instructor

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Joseph has been a practicing clinical perfusionist for 40 years. Joseph is the CEO of Houston Extracorporeal Technologies and is the program director of The New Orleans Conference

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Tammy Sparacino, CCP

Tammy Sparacino, CCP

Tammy graduated from Texas Heart Institute and had been practicing for nearly 17 years in the Houston and surrounding areas

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