Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Department of CV Surgery: Faculty Forum
The effect of Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) on Platelets Program will discuss how the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit interacts with blood components and directly affects platelet counts and functionality. 
Tammy Sparacino Journal Club: 
Preoperative C-reactive protein as a predictor of postoperative acute kidney injury in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting. C-reactive protein is a well-known marker of inflammation and may be preoperatively elevated in the absence of infection in adult cardiac surgery patients, indicating a baseline inflammatory process. We conducted a literature search to assess the available evidence on whether there is an association between preoperative C-reactive protein and acute kidney injury after coronary artery bypass grafting. Included only were observational studies which investigated this association. 
John Ingram Knowledge Nuggets: 
Blood Storage Effects on the Blood Components 
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