Update on Cannabinoids. Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases
Update on Cannabinoids. Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

Update on Cannabinoids. Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

  • Faculty: Program director Joseph Basha, CCP; John Ingram, CCP
  • Date: May 5th, 2020 10:00 am
  • CEU’s: 1.14 CEUs
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  • Category 1 SDCE CEU
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Course description

Joe Basha, CCP and John Ingram, CCP update us on the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. 

The webinar titled "Update on Cannabinoids: Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases" takes the audience on an intricate journey through the evolving landscape of cannabinoid research, particularly focusing on its therapeutic potential in managing inflammatory conditions. Hosted by a seasoned expert in the field, the presentation delves into historical perspectives, scientific research, and practical applications, offering a multifaceted exploration of cannabinoids' role in modern medicine.

Historical Context and the Evolution of Cannabinoid Perception

The webinar opens with an intriguing historical anecdote about Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment, drawing parallels to the contemporary skepticism surrounding cannabinoid therapy. This comparison sets the stage for a critical examination of whether cannabinoids fall into the category of "real medicine" or are merely the "snake oil" of the 21st century. The presenter navigates through the early medical use of cannabis, tainted by stigma and regulatory challenges, to its gradual re-emergence as a subject of scientific interest.

Scientific Research and Therapeutic Potential

Central to the discussion is the differentiation between the two primary cannabinoids: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The webinar meticulously unpacks the contrasting effects of these compounds, emphasizing CBD's non-psychoactive properties and potential anti-inflammatory benefits. Through an examination of various studies, the presentation highlights the promising yet complex relationship between cannabinoids and inflammation, touching upon conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.

Clinical Applications and Regulatory Challenges

The narrative progresses to explore the practical aspects of cannabinoid use in treating inflammatory diseases. Real-world examples and case studies are presented to illustrate the potential benefits and limitations of cannabinoid therapy. Additionally, the webinar addresses the significant regulatory hurdles and the need for standardized, evidence-based approaches to harness cannabinoids' therapeutic potential effectively.

Debunking Myths and Addressing Concerns

In addressing the widespread myths and misconceptions about cannabinoids, the webinar emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between anecdotal evidence and scientifically validated data. The presenter tackles common concerns regarding dependency, psychoactive effects, and the generalized marketing claims that often overshadow the nuanced reality of cannabinoid therapy.

Future Directions and the Need for Research

Concluding on a forward-looking note, the webinar calls for intensified research efforts to unravel the complexities of cannabinoids and their interactions with the human body. The discussion underscores the critical need for robust clinical trials, regulatory clarity, and comprehensive education for both medical professionals and patients. This concluding segment paints a vision of a future where cannabinoids are fully integrated into the therapeutic arsenal against inflammatory diseases, based on solid scientific evidence and ethical practices.

Conclusion: Navigating the Cannabinoid Landscape with Caution and Hope

"Update on Cannabinoids: Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases" serves as an enlightening discourse on the potential of cannabinoid therapy, balanced with a cautionary perspective on its current limitations and challenges. Through a blend of historical insights, scientific research, and practical considerations, the webinar equips participants with a nuanced understanding of cannabinoids' role in modern medicine. As the journey of cannabinoid research and application continues to unfold, this presentation stands as a testament to the ongoing quest for knowledge, clarity, and therapeutic innovation in the face of complex and often controversial topics.

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0:00 Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases 
0:12 Cannabis Real Medicine or Snake Oil 
9:37 Cannabinoid Guide 
10:21 The Confusion (Cannabis Spices 1 / Spices 2) 
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Meet Your Instructor

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Joseph has been a practicing clinical perfusionist for 40 years. Joseph is the CEO of Houston Extracorporeal Technologies and is the program director of The New Orleans Conference

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John Ingram, CCP

John Ingram, CCP

John Ingram is a magna cum laude graduate from University of Texas, Texas Heart Institute and a board certified perfusionist currently specializing in adult perfusion

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