What We Learned About Perfusion Services Delivery During Pandemic
What We Learned About Perfusion Services Delivery During Pandemic

What We Learned About Perfusion Services Delivery During Pandemic

  • Faculty: Program director Joseph Basha, CCP
  • Date: April 21st, 2020 9:00 am
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Course description

This program explores the perfusion perspective of the Coronavirus pandemic on our practices in the early days of the pandemic.

Navigating Perfusion Services in the Pandemic: Insights and Innovations

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to healthcare systems worldwide, particularly impacting the delivery of specialized medical services such as perfusion. This comprehensive review, presented by a seasoned perfusionist with over two decades of experience, delves into the adaptations, lessons learned, and future directions for perfusion services during and post-pandemic.

Adapting to New Challenges

The onset of the pandemic necessitated rapid adjustments in healthcare protocols and service delivery. This included redefining roles, managing reduced case volumes due to the postponement of elective surgeries, and ensuring the safety and readiness of healthcare professionals, especially those involved in critical care and cardiac surgeries. The discussion provides a detailed analysis of how perfusion teams adapted to these changes, including the shift towards remote education and virtual training to maintain continuity in professional development.

Technological Integration and Online Education

With travel restrictions and social distancing measures in place, there was a significant pivot towards online platforms for continuing education. The presentation highlights how online education became a crucial tool for perfusionists to stay updated with the latest practices and earn continuing education units (CEUs). It also discusses the rapid increase in the adoption of digital tools and telemedicine, which have played essential roles in knowledge sharing and professional training during the crisis.

Workforce Management and Mental Health Considerations

One of the critical aspects covered is the impact of the pandemic on the mental health and well-being of healthcare workers. The transcript discusses the psychological pressures faced by perfusionists, including managing work-life balance with increased on-call demands while also dealing with personal and family health concerns. It offers insights into how perfusion service providers and hospitals navigated these challenges, emphasizing the importance of support systems and mental health resources.

Future Directions and Lessons Learned

Looking towards the future, the lecture outlines the key lessons learned during the pandemic and how these can inform better preparedness for similar crises. It discusses innovations in perfusion service delivery, the importance of flexible response strategies, and the need for robust disaster readiness plans. The potential long-term impacts on healthcare policies, staffing, and procedural adaptations are also explored.


This detailed exploration into the perfusion services during the COVID-19 pandemic serves as a vital resource for healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, and policy-makers. It underscores the resilience and adaptability of the perfusion community, offering valuable lessons that can strengthen healthcare systems against future global health emergencies.


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Meet Your Instructor

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Program director Joseph Basha, CCP

Joseph has been a practicing clinical perfusionist for 40 years. Joseph is the CEO of Houston Extracorporeal Technologies and is the program director of The New Orleans Conference

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