Teri Trifiletti

Teri Trifiletti, BS, MBA, CCP

Chicago native, Teri Trifiletti, served as a cardiovascular perfusionist for 22 years. She graduated from Rush University College of Health Sciences with a BS in Perfusion in 1997. Upon graduation, she accepted a position in California and returned to the Chicago area a year later. She spent 4 years in Chicago as a staff perfusionist and 2 years as assistant treasurer of the Illinois State Perfusion Society, when she and her husband received an opportunity to relocate to London, England. Teri took a Lead Perfusionist position at the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2002 where she was exposed to leading therapies in heart failure; including implantation of the Jarvik Heart.


Teri and her husband returned to Chicago in 2004 where she continued her career at NorthShore University HealthSystem. She helped develop NorthShore’s ECMO & VAD program and served as the Mechanical Circulatory Assist Perfusion Team Leader while completing her MBA in Healthcare Administration at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.


In 2017, Teri and her family moved to Charlotte, NC and she continued to practice per diem until her retirement from Perfusion in 2019.


Teri is the founder of Women in Perfusion; a group dedicated to the advancement of women in perfusion, as advocates for equity, ensuring excellence in health care, and promoting leadership.

Teri Trifiletti, BS, MBA, CCP lectures:

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