The History of Women in Perfusion - Ann Gurecio, CCP
The History of Women in Perfusion - Ann Gurecio, CCP

The History of Women in Perfusion - Ann Gurecio, CCP

  • Faculty: Stephanie Ibus, CCP; Erin Herrman, CCP; Linda Mongero, CCP; Teri Trifiletti, BS, MBA, CCP; Ann Guercio, CCP, LP, MBA
  • Date: August 5th, 2020 10:00 am
  • CEU’s: 1.56 CEUs
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  • Category 1 SDCE CEU
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Course description

Another fantastic program about women in perfusion. Ann Gurecio, CCP, Stephanie Ibus, CCP, Erin Hermann, CCP, Terri Trifiletti, CCP and Linda Mongero, CCP discuss the history of women in perfusion and the influence and positive impacts women have had in the perfusion profession. 

Also revealed is the formula for women to advance to leadership roles in the perfusion industry. 

Course Description: This course explores the significant contributions of women to the field of perfusion, tracing their roles from the early days of the profession to the present. Inspired by the detailed narrative provided, the course offers a historical overview of the impactful milestones achieved by women in perfusion, alongside a discussion on the evolution of the field itself.

Course Overview: Perfusion is a vital medical practice involving the management of heart-lung machines during cardiac surgeries, a field that has seen substantial contributions from women despite various challenges. This course delves into these contributions, highlighting key historical figures, technological advancements influenced by women, and the evolution of professional roles within perfusion.

Detailed Modules:

  1. Early Influences and Pioneers:

    • Examination of the early days of perfusion, highlighting women who were foundational in the development of perfusion technology and practices.
    • Discussion on Mary Gibbon's role in the development of the heart-lung machine, including her experimental work alongside her husband, John Gibbon.
  2. Professional Growth and Recognition:

    • Insights into the professional journeys of women in perfusion, exploring their path from on-the-job training to formal education and certification.
    • Recognition of women's achievements and the formal acknowledgment by professional bodies like AmSECT.
  3. Challenges and Opportunities:

    • An analysis of the obstacles faced by women in early perfusion roles and the strategies they employed to overcome them.
    • Overview of the shifts in professional training and education that opened more opportunities for women in perfusion.
  4. Impact of Support Networks:

    • The formation and growth of support networks for women in perfusion, fostering mentorship, collaboration, and professional advancement.
    • Case studies of successful initiatives and programs that have helped women advance in the field.
  5. Looking Forward:

    • Discussion on the future of perfusion as it relates to gender diversity, based on current trends and projected needs.
    • Strategies for continuing to enhance the role of women in perfusion, ensuring equal opportunities and representation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the historical contributions of women to the field of perfusion.
  • Recognize the challenges overcome by these pioneers and the pathways they created for future generations.
  • Explore the ongoing evolution of perfusion as a profession, particularly in relation to gender diversity and professional development.

Target Audience: This course is ideal for perfusionists, healthcare professionals, students of medical history, and anyone interested in the contributions of women to medical science and practice.

Expected Outcomes: Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the vital roles played by women in the development and advancement of perfusion. They will also be equipped with knowledge about the importance of diversity and mentorship in fostering a dynamic and inclusive professional community.

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Meet Your Instructor

Stephanie Ibus, CCP

Stephanie Ibus, CCP

Stephanie graduated top in her class with a B.S. degree in Circulation Technology at The Ohio State University in 1999. Over her 20 years in perfusion

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Erin Herrman, CCP

Erin Herrman, CCP

Erin Herrman is a board-certified Perfusionist, with 12 years of experience, who travels nationally and has provided full service Perfusion coverage to over 20 hospitals

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Linda Mongero, CCP

Linda Mongero, CCP

Linda Mongero works to advance SpecialtyCare’s pursuit of clinical excellence. Prior to joining SpecialtyCare, she served as Director of Clinical Perfusion at The New York Presbyterian Hospital

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Teri Trifiletti, BS, MBA, CCP

Teri Trifiletti, BS, MBA, CCP

Chicago native, Teri Trifiletti, served as a cardiovascular perfusionist for 22 years. She graduated from Rush University College of Health Sciences with a BS in Perfusion in 1997

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Ann Guercio, CCP, LP, MBA

Ann Guercio, CCP, LP, MBA

Ann Guercio is a perfusionist with 34 years of experience in the profession and has resided in Houston, Texas for 31 years. She has provided clinical excellence in a variety of settings

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